Your analytical reporting infrastructure supposed to accomplish three goals: identify opportunities, identify problems, and Support "Right" decisions in timely manner. Questions becomes, how far are you from accomplishing any of the three goals? We can help.

Cominfo provides complete Business Intelligence solutions, from requirement gathering to data presentation. Our solution will provide you with the single version of the truth to make better decision in a timely manner. More then ever businesses are taking advatage of analytical reports to find hidden truth in the data. You don't need a huge I.T workforce to slice and dice the data. Our approach is to use small team to make big impact. Get started with
Power BI for free.

In many case, a small team of one to three Microsoft Certified Engineers are assigned to project working at our site, thus saving money and resources of our clients, resulting in cost savings. Our team members have on the average of 10 years of impacable industry experience in delivering Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions for
businesses of all sizes including Federal governmnet.
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