Chemical & Adhesive



About The Client

For over 100 years client has been manufacturing products and providing services to Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Plastics, and Automotive industries among others.

The Problem:

Client acquired several mid to small size manufacturing and services companies across the world. These companies were running on many different ERP and legacy systems such as SAP, Oracle and legacy custom developed application. Data was stored and collected in many ways and aggregated differently by each business entity. 1 - The primary objective of the client was to ensure IT programs and data capabilities are aligned with the Client’s global Strategic Plan and can efficiently and effectively provide a user-friendly system for controlling the storage, maintenance, security, interchange, and exchange of data involved in the management and monitoring of a wide variety of Client data systems. 2 - The Client’s portfolio and systems to be developed in the most effective, efficient, and forward-thinking manner that allows for a high degree of system/technology compatibility and functionality.

The Solution:

Cominfo was brought to develop a single unified platform to provide single version of the truth across enterprise on any devices. We decided on using Microsoft Azure. The main reason attributed was that Azure supports varied operating systems, tools, databases, programming languages, and devices. Cominfo developed Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) running on Microsoft SQL Server and developed multidimensional cubes using SQL Server Analysis services (SSAS), we also utilize SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) data from these distributed environments into single repository. Over 100 analytical reports were developed using Power BI and deployed to premium capacity, reports are Integrated with SharePoint site. SharePoint sites provided single point of access for users to track KPIs related to production, usage, material, inventory and usage.


Today client uses over 100 reports across enterprise, these reports are accesses from line workers to top executives using mobile devices to make daily business decision. Lines workers feel empowered, Azure built-in support to analyze data and derive insights which helped in managed SQL services, Machine Learning, Stream and Cortana Analytics. Thus, for client’s business decisions are made smarter leading to new opportunities.