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The Problem:

The manual process of accessing organizational data from legacy and distributed home-grown applications is intensive from a time, human, and cost perspective. So, when the client, a Washington based consulting organization, encountered a similar challenge to measure and monitor the Human Resource, Business Operation, and Finance related data, they approached us for an automated self-service cloud based analytical solution.

The client faced a number of challenges in their current data environment. First, the data was spread across multiple systems, making it difficult to access and analyze. Second, the data was not in a consistent format, making it difficult to combine and compare. Third, the data was not secure, making it vulnerable to unauthorized access.

The Solution:

Cominfo's solution addressed all of the client's challenges. The solution used Microsoft SSIS to extract data from the source systems in an automated manner. The data was then loaded into SQL Azure, where it was stored in a consistent format. The data was also secured using Row Level Security, which allowed business users to only see the data that they were authorized to see.

The solution has provided the client with a number of benefits, including:

- Improved data access and analysis: The data is now consolidated in a single location, making it easier for business users to access and analyze.

- Increased data consistency: The data is now in a consistent format, making it easier to combine and compare.

- Improved data security: The data is now secured using Row Level Security, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to access.

- Reduced data management costs: The solution has reduced the need for manual data management tasks, saving the client time and money.


Cominfo's solution has helped the client to improve their data environment in a number of ways. The solution has made the data more accessible, consistent, secure, and manageable. As a result, the client has been able to improve their decision-making process and increase their bottom line.