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Cominfo has a proven track record of transforming raw data into actionable intelligence for federal government and private enterprises alike. Cominfo leverages the flexibility and scalability of the Microsoft Analytics platform and the supporting Power APPS. The added horsepower from our certified Business Intelligence (BI) team achieves three goals for our clients:
- Opportunity Identification
- Risk Mitigation
- Accurate and Timely Decision Making

Cominfo provides complete Business Intelligence solutions by synchronizing data gathering, aggregation, and presentation. The result is a Single Version of the Truth (SVOT) across the enterprise.



Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers enormous value for organizations seeking lower operational costs while improving service offerings to customers. As a trusted advisor Cominfo ensures utilization of all the advantages RPA provides. Getting started doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on software and business applications in the following areas:
- Processing Transactions
- Data Entry and User Editing
- Triggering Responses
- Communicating with other digital systems

Cominfo delivers various automation solutions ranging from simple automatic email responses to deploying thousands of bots, each programmed to automate complex business logic.


The key asset in today’s competitive landscape is data. How Cominfo transforms this data into holistic visualizations makes all the difference. Cominfo believes in using charts and graphs to visualize complex data, which is substantially more comprehensive than sorting through endless spreadsheets and reports.

Cominfo’s interactive visualizations are built by our certified developers utilizing Microsoft Power BI. Cominfo can help your organization quantify and predict future outcomes. We enable advanced insight into industry trends and discover anomalies that impact the trajectory of your business objectives. Take your analytics to next level by incorporating Machine Learning (ML) and artificial Intelligence (AI) into your business.

About Us

Cominfo, Inc. is a Virginia based small woman owned, and GSA IT Schedule 70 holder enterprise, offering a unique blend of military experience and corporate knowledge. Since our inception in 1998, Cominfo has been providing IT services, in the areas of Analytica, Automation, and Visualization.

The humble beginning of Cominfo started with a family in Virginia pursuing their passion for database technology. Through following industry trends and focusing on solving complex problems the founders discovered the value in data. Through continuous pursuit of solving complex problems, unafraid of making difficult decisions and desire for discovering the truth and empowering companies to utilize a single version of it Cominfo was born. We have invested heavily in recognized quality processses and standards, such as PMBOK and ITIL. Our staff consists of a multi-faceted, highly skilled, and educated workforce with a proven record of accomplishments and commitment to excellence required to meet the challenges faced in today’s economy and technological environment.

  • Offices in the U.S., Pakistan, India, and Singapore
  • Trusted and certified by Fortune 100 and Federal Government
  • Highy skilled and industry certified team with impacable experience
We have an excellent and verifiable reputation around the globe and would welcome the opportunity to leverage it to support your initiatives.

Capability Statement

Sucsess Stories


Client: Cable Network
Industry: Entertainment
About: Cominfo was asked to develop a solution, which collects data from all over the world from different service providers and store in easily
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Client: Consulting and Management
Industry: Professional Services
About: Cominfo was engaged to developed One Unified solution to ingest data into Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).
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Automation And

Client: McAllen Foreign Trade Zone
Industry: Third Party Logistics
About: Cominfo was engaged to developed unified solution for MFTZ to ensure single version of the truth is provided through near real-time
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Client: Chemical & Adhesive
Industry: Manufacturing
About: Cominfo was brought to develop a single unified platform to provide single version of the truth across enterprise on any devices.
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Client: Auto Parts Manufacturer
Industry: Manufacturing
About: Cominfo was engaged to developed machine learning and predictive models to ensure management is notified prior
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Automation and

Client: Small Business Administration
Industry: U.S Federal Government
About: Cominfo was engaged to modernize entire agency including 60 offices located in 40 different states and provide training to end users.
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Sabeen Saeed

President and CEO

Sabeen has served as president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors since founding Cominfo in 2000. Sabeen has background in healthcare and Information Technology industry ranging from educator to developer. She holds degree in Nursing from Brookhaven College. She is also a Microsoft Certified professional

Imad Rehman

Exec Vice. President

Devloper has over 20 years of experience in development of Client Server, Wireless, and Web based application. Prior to joining Cominfo, devloper has worked for Oracle Corporation, Microstrategy Corporation, and General Electric. devloper has adegree in Business Administration from California State University and Masters from University of Virginia

David E. Morgan

V.P Public Sector

David has over 25 years of marketing and business development experience in the Federal sector. Mr. Morgan successfully lobbied Members of Congress for funding for several Department of Defense and Homeland Security initiatives. Mr. Morgan has broad experience incoordinating all aspects of US Government business development both in the United States and abroad for Cominfo while collaterally supporting the company's efforts with the Governments of Iraq and Afghanistan

Jeffrey Bauer

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff held a series of increasingly technical positions throughout his career including his experience as the Director of U.S. Business Development and Client Relations at Sonata Services, and during his supporting efforts through solutioning data center services at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In addition to data center services and Software Engineering offerings Jeffrey was influential in bringing a new B.I. logistics solution to market for companies who operate in Customs and Freight Forwarding.

Kashif Syed

Chief Technology Officer

Kashif has over 20 years of experience in delivering technology solutions for federal government and fortune 500 companies. Kashif has extensive experience in deliverying RFID, mobile, barcode, and cloud computing and analytical solutions. Kashif graduated from University of Texas.

John R. Ale

V.P State and Local Government

John has over 25 years of experience in business development. Broad background in governmental affairs as aprinciple advisor and Director of Congressional and Legislative Affairs for various federal agencies. John graduated from Georgetown University.


Latest News


U.S. Dept of the Interior

DoI awards contract to Cominfo to modernize data communication infrastruture.


U.S. Dept of Labor

DoL awards 5 years single company BPA to Cominfo to provide network infrastruture support and services contract.


American Axel Manufacturer

Cominfo to develop adavance analytical solution to provide data insight including machine learning (ML) and Artifical Intelligence (AI).


McAllen Foreign Trade Zone

Cominfo to develop next genration of 3rd party logictics, Inventory control, Warehouse management, and analytical reporting solution.


U.S. Small Business Administration

SBA awards Cominfo to perform Technology Modernization contract for over 60 locations in 40 states.



Cominfo to develop predictive analytical reporting solution running on Microsoft cloud utilizing Power BI.

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